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CAMPUS-DREAMERS-This Is Your Wake Up Call!!!

Everyone around campo wants to be either famous or filthy stinking rich, no one sees the down side of life, and it is not as if am disagreeing with the “I WANNA BE” notion (i.e I want to grow up and be like Oprah for the ladies and the “not so straight jammaz” and I want to be like Steve Jobs for the straight Jammaz.). Nah,am not at all disagreeing  for this is naturally human. I bet you will agree with me that you to would like to have a better future in years to come than the life you are living in right now..mostly if you live in present day Kenya.

Some of us would like to open up businesses with a positive prospect that they will grow from Strength to Strength, others see themselves as top CEOs of some of the blue-chip companies we have around, others see themselves in well-paying jobs, in managerial positions and to close it up, all of us would love to have a good life, a good car, expensive designer shoes and clothing and to top it up..A PEACE OF MIND.

This is what is termed as dreaming and it is natural in every-SANE human. But the problem is when we are unable to wake up from SLUMBER-LAND, and you end up dreaming forever.

Let’s be real and clear on one thing, there is no way you could expect to become a multimillionaire or that sorted after Jamma and yet all you are doing in the present is chit chatting about the “you wanna be” fella(chit chatting about the guy you want to be in the future).

If  you have a dreaming problem, then here is your WAKE UP CALL. It is time you realized that things no longer come on a silver platter and MANNA was only provided in the Exodus days. It is simple, WAKE UP and start working towards whatever you’ve been dreaming of. I mean if GOD wanted us to dream forever we would be sleeping 24/7, I could be asleep instead of blogging.

Listen up, it is time to you actualized your dream. If you’ve always seen yourself as the next Donald Trump, then find all the ways to become the next Him and stop wasting time dreaming of all the ways to become the next Him..the word here is to FIND and not DREAM. Steve JOBS didn’t find himself rich over night. He worked  over-night to scale up to where he died being. So if you would like to be an inventor of a particular brand..it is your time to fold your sleeves and be ready to work your way through the odds to get to what you cherish most.

Start SMALL and grow BIG for it is rare to start BIG and remain BIG. Stop wasting your time on fantasy stories of TAZAMA CHAPAA and Mamilli CHAP CHAP...and work your way to Success.


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