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“Nataka serekali itusaidie” (I want the government to help Us)-Spare me the whole Shebang!!

I know most of us are familiar with the above phrase, most especially if you reside in this country (.). Everyone uses it. My grandmother, colleagues, relatives and even the Government ministers have no shame using it to blame others and not themselves for their failures. (You might be a victim of the same, so I will not be excluding you from today’s topic).

To start with;

1.) The Government is Not Your Mother.

Truth be told, I don’t think I have ever seen a country that blames the govt for as many things as Kenyans do. For crying out loud, we are among the 3rd world countries which are still struggling to beef up their economic situation to at least Better up, to be real on the issue, the government in itself is on a crisis mode, with government officials lacking in knowledge on how to salvage the situation, so WACHENI KUKIMBILIA SERIKALI Ni TIME UJI-TEGEME!!!

The Kenyan government has not been a reliable source of USAIDIZI (Help), in fact many of the fellas who’ve sought help from the government have ended up leaving the various government premises disappointed, stressed than they were before making the move, some have been even reported mentally unstable as a result of their endless search for HELP. “wametafuta usaidizi hadi sasa kutafuta ime kuwa kazi.” (they have searched for help everywhere even now the search has turned out to be their main job.) “I hope am doing this translations well***”

If at all you are looking for help on how to start that KIOSK (grocery store), the help will have to come from within, it will have to start with you Growing UP, changing your mental attitude and erasing some phrases like this from that precious mind you have. As much as you may want us convinced as of how the government has not been doing this or that, or how you could have done this and that, I would kindly ask of you to please spare us the whole shebang and start working on your ATTITUDE.

“A bad Attitude is like a car with a flat Tyre, you will have to fix it up so as to keep you moving”- and if I were you that is what I would start doing,-Fixing It.

2.)Hard-Work is Key.

I wanted to really get down to the real matter of this problem, “why do so many Kenyans both young and old love using this phrase?”, “why is the phrase inherited from one generation of Kenyans to the next..?”MBONA TUSI-IMALIZE.(why don’t we get rid of this phrase ones and for all), does it have to be the phrase that defines the Kenyans from other African citizens? (coz if it is I would be highly disappointed with all of us as Kenyans).

Let me spare you the QUESTIONS and get back to the main Issue, coz believe me I have as many as to compile a 250 page  Book.

So were was I, I wanted to get down to what the real problem with most Kenyans was and the results I found were astonishing. Majorly revolving around two different things one was ATTITUDE which we’ve discussed above and the second thing is LAZINESS.

Most of the people who used the phrase( nataka serikali itusaidie) during my short interview, with several “Kenyans” also proved to be lazy to some extent in playing there roles as ordinary wananchis.

( am no reporter so the interview was not as formal as you would expect, and the “Kenyans are my neighborhood pals”) but who in this blog post will represent the majority.

A perfect example is a friend of mine who plans to venture into Online-Business. She is very passionate about doing business online but she is not at all willing to put what it takes to become an online-business icon.
She is extremely lazy on playing her part compared to most successful online-business guys such as Alex Maina of eBrand..a fella who my case study friend likes to quote and be associated with.

As Kenyans both me and you, we should stop with the chit chatting and get on to some serious work, most of us are scholars with all the knowledge it would take to start and grow a multinational investment, but lack the enthusiasm to kick-start what we’ve always dreamt of ever since we really got to know the importance of schooling.

All it will take of you to start your own business is what you’ve got now and all you will need to add unto that is a bit of HARD-WORK. Capital is not the big Issue as per most successful guys would advice. Ask the former Safaricom’s CEO Michael Joseph.

“Hard work is the Key to Conquering Everything.” l.e -labor omin vincint

3.)Never Blame Lack of Capital for your Failure

Case-Study being the former Safaricom’s CEO Michael Joseph.

My experience online has shown that a business that starts with a huge capital base is more likely to fail than a bootstrap organisation. Somehow the owners of businesses with little or no starting capital have a passion for their business.

You cannot deny that Michael Joseph has a passion for Safaricom and Kenya. Mr. Media man why didn’t you report that Safaricom was started on a $25 million budget? A base station at that time costing $10 million a piece. Or that Safaricom had to beg and borrow for a whole year for funds to finance their growth after the first year?

So for all the young bloggers, coders and all Business enthusiasts in Kenya, that phrase “ lack of capital” is not as important as we make-believe.

PayPal was started with a $25 script in someone’s bedroom.

4.)The Final Word From Mwafrika-Me…

Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. If you aren’t sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better.

“Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price.” -: from my high sch. English teacher.

There is no need to say more than that-So get up and Work both Smart and Hard.


One comment on ““Nataka serekali itusaidie” (I want the government to help Us)-Spare me the whole Shebang!!

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