About(Erick Mwafrika).

How It All Started..

The reason why I decided to start this blog was because I felt that there was a need to give the Kenyan Student an opportunity to express his/her views on matters relating to life and business, and more so to issues that affects us as young people or those around us. Statistics show that Kenya is a Youth Full nation and hence I saw the need to define the right sense of direction that my fellow pals need to follow. MI-NIPO!!!

The Main Perspective..

“We are capable of bringing change instantly but the change will have to start with You changing You and Me changing Me.”

If I need to change Kenya, I will have to learn how to point the finger at Me, if you are in the thought of championing change in the environment you are in; be it an institution, organisation or coorporation why don’t you start by championing change in you. FIRST CHANGE BEFORE YOU CHANGE OTHERS.

The Massive Inspiration..

How was I inspired? or Who inspired Me? I can say God. Look at it this way God brought a person in my life during my first intern as an accounting & finance student in a certain mid income earning Company in Nairobi, a person who incredibly inspired me through her constant Talk about GOD and the need to CHANGE.Let’s put it in plain texts so that all can understand why I have written this part: “she led me to knowing my Inventor(GOD) and His purpose for this Invention(ME).” (sounds Biblical, but I guess  Business, Technology & God are three things that are meant to be…)


To become the next Bankelele(a genius when it comes to Banking) or the young Alex Maina(the eBrand Mogol), although not to exactly become them, but to inspire and feed-knowlegde to as many page viewers as this guys do.

Educational Background..

Do I have to write this part really? Nah but let me quench you thirst.. Am a Kenyatta University in Persuit of a Degree in B.commerce (Accounting option) and a part-time CPA student.

Patting Shot..

“Don’t waste your time in search of a HERO but try to be One Yourself.”


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