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It amazes me, how most of us always have this clear vision of what we would like to grow up and become. Even as mature as you may think you are, you can’t stop your mind from dreaming. A dream doesn’t discriminate, and it isn’t choosy as some of us can prove to be; be […]

Your Mistakes Don’t Cancel Your Destiny-(A Biblical perspective).

Back in Bible days, if you would have asked Jacob “Who are you?” he would have said, “I’m a cheater. I’m a deceiver. I’m a liar.” But really, that’s not who he is, that’s what he did. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. We’ve all made mistakes and said things we didn’t mean. […]

AM I INDEPENDENT or DEPENDENT? – Ways of Becoming a Grown Up….

” Maturity is not an age. Every one gets older but not every one becomes mature.” : – A quote used by most life coaches. Am a student who falls under the Ministry of Higher Learning, this means that am in one of our Local Tertiary Institutions here in Kenya..and to quench your thirst for […]

“Nataka serekali itusaidie” (I want the government to help Us)-Spare me the whole Shebang!!

I know most of us are familiar with the above phrase, most especially if you reside in this country (.). Everyone uses it. My grandmother, colleagues, relatives and even the Government ministers have no shame using it to blame others and not themselves for their failures. (You might be a victim of the same, so […]

CAMPUS-DREAMERS-This Is Your Wake Up Call!!!

Everyone around campo wants to be either famous or filthy stinking rich, no one sees the down side of life, and it is not as if am disagreeing with the “I WANNA BE” notion (i.e I want to grow up and be like Oprah for the ladies and the “not so straight jammaz” and I […]

Why is it important to know your strengths?

When trying to convince someone that you are the person that they should recruit, you have to be aware of your strengths and your weaknesses. “What are your strengths”? is a frequently asked interview question. Yet why is it that we find it so easy to list our weaknesses but often struggle to come up […]

Why businesses fail

We have all read the statistics that state that 80% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years and that of this 80%, most fail not because they don’t have a great product or service but because they have been started by entrepreneurs who lack the experience in running a business. These businesses generally […]